Enterprise Leader

BYAs Eligibility Criteria

This enterprise leader is a person that works for-profit organization, not-for-profit organization, non-governmental organization, social enterprise, a registered charity, or foundation. They display exceptional leadership attributes and positively impact their environment. Their vision and leadership impact the organization financially, in organizational strategy, productivity, motivation of staff, business development, customer/client care and leadership. This person is driving innovation in the industry, making significant contributions to the community or making a substantial difference in their field.

There are two (2) categories for Enterprise Leader based on the length of time in their profession:

1. Driven Leader (within the profession for 1-7 years)

2. Accomplished Leader (within the profession for more than 7 years)

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for the Businesswoman of the Year, individuals must:

1. Live or work within fifty-five (55) kilometres radius of Ottawa Centre

2. Self-identify as a woman

The criteria used to assess nominees in the Enterprise Leader category are business acumen, leadership, mentorship and community involvement, bio, and overall presentation.

Nominations closed May 29, 2023.

Selection Committee

The Businesswoman of the Year Awards selects reputable members of the Ottawa business community to assess nominees.  The Selection Committee members play an important role in selecting the recipient by applying a weighted point system that ensures fairness and consistency. If you are interested in becoming a Selection Committee member, please contact us at byanominations@womensbusinessnetwork.ca.