Entrepreneurial Leader

This entrepreneurial leader is defined as organizing and operating a business or group of companies, taking on financial risks. In this category, nominees must be actively involved in running the business. The business is showing strong growth or profitability with a sustainable business model.

There are two (2) categories for Entrepreneurial Leader
based on the number of years in business:


Emerging Entrepreneurial

has been in business for 1 to 10 years in business


Established Leader

has been in business for more than 10 years

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for the Businesswoman of the Year, individuals must:

  • Live or work within fifty-five (55) kilometres radius of Ottawa Centre
  • Self-identify as a woman
  • Must be a founder of her business or be a significant equity stakeholder in her business and actively involved in running the business

The criteria used to assess nominees in the Entrepreneurial Leader category are business acumen, leadership, product/service quality, corporate citizenship, bio, and overall presentation.

Nominations close April 17, 2024

Selection Committee

The Businesswoman of the Year Awards selects reputable members of the Ottawa business community to assess nominees. The Selection Committee members play an important role in selecting the recipient by applying a weighted point system that ensures fairness and consistency.

If you are interested in becoming a Selection Committee member, please fill out a contact form on our Committee page.