2018 Established Entrepreneur Category Finalists

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Allyson Chisnall

Mediastyle Inc

Jennifer MacKinnon

Fenix Solutions

Pierrette Raymond

1-800-GOT-JUNK?/Moving Forward Matters

Born in Ottawa, my life has been anything but standing still. Before the age of eleven I lived in Kitchener, St. John’s and Dartmouth, teaching me self-resilience and skills in making fast friends. I learned how to jump into any situation and assess the moods of the people I was with, skills that continue to help me as a businesswoman today. I also discovered my love of travel in Canada, and beyond.

As an adult I have worked in three different countries, helping me to embrace change, adapt to new situations and be successful in difficult conditions. In New Zealand I worked with KPMG, where I was one of four women auditors hired that year. In London England, I worked with Cavendish & Co., where I was the only woman on the accounting staff, and with the Electricity Supply Association, I audited the largest pension scheme in the UK. These experiences have offered me a different perspective on my field.

After returning to Canada, I worked for CS Coop (Alterna Bank) and Logan Katz Chartered Accountants. I stated my own company, ‘AC Financial Services Inc.’ in 2005, as an Independent Financial Controller for small businesses. I was excited to welcome MediaStyle, a start-up communications firm as a client in 2008. By 2013, Ian Capstick, the founder of MediaStyle, invited me to join him as his equity partner and CFP, a position I eagerly accepted.

Since 1989, I have been lucky enough to share my life with Neale, who I met in New Zealand, we have two adult sons, Nick and Stephen. I am an avid runner and triathlete and I regularly raise money for Ottawa charities with these activities. I have helped mentor many who wanted to try triathlons. I have also encouraged my team to run and have had several team members participate in the Army run. My team and our clients know that if you spend time around me, I might just try to get you to sign up for some crazy dream because without crazy big dreams to chase, life is rather boring.

Jennifer MacKinnon is the founder & CEO of Fenix Solutions Inc., a web technology company with 14 employees operating for 18 years in the Ottawa area Fenix is a different kind of web agency.

We create enterprise – class websites and applications that achieve our clients’ strategic business goals; helping clients streamline and automate the ways they work, whether they’re associations or corporations, mid-sized or multinational

Fenix is the only “woman lead” web software company in Ottawa with both local & global clients including tech giants like Nokia, Fenix is an established company built upon employing a devoted group of professionals with proven passion & experience in web technology.

When we build solutions, we also build relationships; by holding ourselves to a high standard of quality and client service, delivering what we promise, and bringing the full talents of our expert team to every project.

Jennifer’s background in Account Management & Sales has allowed her to build a company that is 100% focused on customer service and quality deliverables. Understanding the client relationship means that as a tech company we know how to build and maintain customer relationships, while building brilliant and innovative technologies.

My entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 26 when I started with a home-based business while my son was just an infant. I did not want to go back to teaching and enjoyed substitute teaching part-time. Then the entrepreneurial bug bit with my first business. Twenty-three years later, I own and operate two businesses, and recently sold a third. I host a podcast and video show called Speaking of Business. I have several philanthropic endeavours that are public, while I help the less fortunate in private ways.

I am a founding franchise partner of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, having operated this business with my husband Luc since July 2000. I also have a private executive coaching and consulting practice that focuses on visionaries and those running operations in their companies, and I host mastermind sessions every sixty days for those who are reaching their first six figures to those who are running companies with annual revenues of $30+ million per year.

My deep longing is to not leave anyone behind and through my work and pay-it-forward efforts, I am happy to say that I can do that. I recently sold my home transition business of eight years called Moving Forward Matters so that I could focus more time and energy on working with those scaling businesses and helping my own team reach new levels of growth and success. It was a bittersweet moment to let go of a business that I loved and built with the intention to help more people, but it was time to transition to something else where I could have a greater impact working with those who were serving our communities in big ways.


For the purpose of this category, “Established Entrepreneur” is defined as a person who organizes and operates an established business or group of businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. All BYA Established Entrepreneur nominees must satisfy the following criteria:

    • Must be a founder of her business and must be a significant equity stakeholder in her business;
    • Must be actively involved in running the business
    • Must have taken personal financial risks
    • The core business of the nominee has been in operation for MORE THAN 5 YEARS

NOTE: If it is a family business, then the founders or initial owners are considered to be the Entrepreneurs unless the nominee has demonstrated assumption of significant risk and success in significantly “reinventing” the family business.

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